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CM100_TEM Philips CM100 TEMBowen 117Tel. 258-1612Status: Operational
CM200_TEM Philips CM200 TEM FEGBowen 116Tel. 258-6896Status: Operational
FIB Focused Ion Beam MicroscopeBowen 113Tel. 258-1406Status: Down
Helios_FIB Helios FIBACEE 038Tel. 986-6337Status: Operational
Keyence_Confocal_Microscope Keyence Confocal MicroscopeBowen 112Tel. 258-1406Status: Down (moved)
Merged_Training All training events merged
Merged_Users All user events merged
Quanta_ESEM Quanta Environmental SEMACEE 042Tel. 986-6341Status: Operational (resolution not at peak)
Room027B Rheometer (MCR501, MCR702), Polisher, DSC-DMA, TGA- GC/MS, UV-VISACEE 027BTel. 258-4384Status: All Operational
Room031 Carbon Coater, Ion Beam Sputterer, Leica Sputter Coater, VitrobotACEE 031Tel. 986-6355Status: All Operational
Room034 Microtome (Ultracut-E, Ultracut-UCT)ACEE 034Tel. 986-6333Status: All Operational
Room035 AFMs (DM, Nanoman, ICON3), Leica-Confocal, AxioscopeACEE 035Tel. 986-6335Status: All Operational
Room041 XRDs (Rigaku, Bruker)ACEE 041Tel. 258-4384Status: All Operational
Room045 Raman, EllipsometerACEE 045Tel. 986-6344Status: All Operational
Room047B FTIR, PL Spectrometer, Rame HartACEE 047BTel. 258-4384Status: All Operational
Talos_F200X_TEM Talos F200X TEMACEE 044Tel. 986-6343Status: Operational
Thermo_Scientific_KAlpha_XPS_UPS_System Thermo Scientific K-Alpha XPS-UPS SystemACEE 037Tel. 986-6336Status: Operational
Titan_Cubed_Themis_300 Titan Cubed Themis 300ACEE 046Tel. 986-6345Status: Operational
Titan_Krios_G3_CryoTEM Titan Krios G3 300kV Cryo-TEMACEE 048Tel. 258-3851Status: Operational
Verios_460_XHR_SEM Verios 460 XHR SEMACEE 040Tel. 986-6339Status: Operational (canít immediately go to higher kv)
Vitrobot_MOL Vitrobot MOLMoffett 113Tel. 258-3851
XL30_SEM XL30 Field Emission Gun MicroscopeACEE 039Tel. 986-6338Status: Operational
Zeiss_Optical_Microscope Zeiss Optical MicroscopeACEE 036Tel. 986-6334Status: Operational
Zeiss_Xradias_Versa_520 Zeiss Xradias Versa 520ACEE 047Tel. 258-2827Status: Operational
Group: Disabled
Room037 Room 037ACEE 037Tel. 986-6336Status: disabled
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